Mindfulness in the Workplace - Cork

Resilience, well-being and performance

At Mindful Matters, located in Cork Ireland we offer a range of Mindfulness in the Workplace programmes including Taster Sessions, Six Week Mindfulness Courses and Bespoke options.

Mindfulness – being aware – is a powerful resource for the functioning of people and teams at work. Building mindfulness in the workplace means improving well-being, reducing stress and enhancing performance.

Work presents a full spectrum of challenges that have a big impact on our overall well-being and sense of balance. From overwhelming workloads to difficult colleagues, organisational politics, and even our own self-criticism and unfulfilled ambitions – there are a lot of factors that can stifle our productivity and happiness at work.

Mindfulness training is an evidence based way for improving the way people handle stress and build up psychological capital, such as resilience, self-confidence and optimism.

By providing the tools to better manage our inner resources, mindfulness allows us to change the way we respond in potentially stressful situations.

Here are some of the most popular courses I deliver:

• Mindfulness Taster Session – Introduce mindfulness to your team and inspire them to learn more.

• 6-Week Course  Invest in sustainable skills through evidence-based programmes.

• Custom Content – Explore custom content ideas for your workshop, event or wellness initiative.

Mindfulness in the Workplace Taster Session

One of the best places to begin is with an Mindfulness Taster Session that will provide your participants with a better understanding of what mindfulness is, its history, neuroscience and benefits as a practice for health and well-being, and how they can learn to practice it.

In addition to being informational, the session will also be interactive and experiential and include some basic mindfulness practices and tips that participants can start using beyond the session.

This type of session can be tailored in length and format. It offers a great way to motivate teams to learn more about mindfulness on their own or gauge the interest in running a longer mindfulness training.

Session Length: 1 hour to 1/2 day

Price Range: Starting at €300 for 1 hour for up to 30 people.

Location: On-site at your offices

Packages: Discounted pricing may be available for groups between 30 – 40 participants.

6-Week Mindfulness Course in the Workplace

(based on the Oxford Mindfulness Training – Teaching Mindfulness in Non-Clinical Settings – Finding peace and calm in a frantic world)

Feel Better, Work Better!

Invest in sustainable skills for your team with a mindfulness course that runs over a series of weeks. The sessions are designed to promote the progressive development of mindfulness skills and bring about lasting changes in the individual participants and in your organisation’s culture.

The sessions explore the essential principles of mindfulness through a combination of guided meditation practices and discussion around the practical applications of mindfulness in everyday life and the workplace.

Based on my experience and published research in the field, the course and practices help participants:

• Focus and Concentration: Using mindfulness practices to train our awareness and improve our ability to bring our attention back from distractions.
• Optimising Performance: Becoming more aware of our stress-levels and recognising what we need to be able to perform at our best.
• Self-Awareness: Using mindfulness to bring awareness to the patterns in our work lives that hold us back and/or generate stress (e.g. having unrealistic expectations, or tendencies toward procrastination and perfectionism).
• Dealing with Difficult Emotions at Work: Learning skilful ways of identifying and handling our emotions and improving our ability to respond rather than react in stressful situations.
• Working with Kindness: Learning to be kinder and more patient with ourselves when we make a mistake or get lost in anxiety around our work, and extending this kindness to others as well.
• Communication: Mindfully listening to others and improving our ability to take other perspectives and more skilfully express our views.
• Emotional Intelligence: Increased understanding of our own and other people’s emotions, and using this to effectively self-regulate and work with greater empathy.
• Strategic Renewal: Developing brief mindfulness breaks that will create space for you to recuperate and ultimately win back time during the work day.

The stress reduction benefits can be sustained beyond the course with the resources and guided meditations.

Session Length: 1.5hrs x 6 Sessions

Price Range: €150 per person, min. 10 participants.

Location: On-site at your offices

Packages: Courses can be combined with an initial taster session to gauge interest. Discounted pricing may be available for groups between 10 and 20 participants.